For some stores the Black Friday is still here, so it’s no wonder we found the Amazon Kindle Fire priced at $123 at Walmart and Target locations. As if $199 wasn’t low enough… The new price tag applied over the holiday weekend and some stores even kept this offer on Monday.

Some people on the Slickdeals said that they found the same offer in Best Buy and Staples locations. It’s important to note that this reduced price hasn’t been advertised, so it’s kind of odd to find out about it from the web. Expect several retailers no to match this reduction, since not everyone will be adopting the same policy of pricing.

At this rate, Amazon might as well start offering the Kindle Fire for $100 at Christmas time, since they’re selling the tablet at a loss anyway and they’re more interesting in the promotion it does for their services and stores. Did you get an Amazon Kindle Fire on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? If so, tell us your story in the Comments section.