It’s not for nothing that some experts have been saying that Amazon is pushing the Android tablet segment to a higher market share… Now it appears that the company surpasses all expectations in Q4 last year, selling 6 million copies of the Kindle Fire. It’s all thanks to the $200 price tag of the tablet and the user-friendly experience it offers.

Also, recent hacks have brought Android 4.0 to this device, so what more can you want? Reports suggested that Amazon loses $10 on each unit sold, but after they use the gadget as a vessel for their services and apps, they’re actually gaining much more. They sell apps, contents and cloud based services to users, for a total of $10 profit for each Kindle Fire purchase. Right now the Amazon Kindle Fire is called the third major mobile ecosystem after iOS and Android, although we could easily fit the product in the Android world.

The 2012 revenue estimate for Amazon was raised to $67.2 billion, above the Wall Street figures of $65.3 billion. Wall Street only considered the money that Amazon is losing on each tablet unit and not their big profits and software sales caused by the tablet. With the rumored 6 million units, Amazon is still behind the 15.43 iPad units in the same quarter, but still the performance is very decent.