Yesterday we had a piece on the opportunity of Barnes & Noble to launch a Windows 8 tablet. Today things get even more certain, as sources reported to Digital Trends that the debut will happen in late September, when a B & N event is scheduled in Union Square, New York. Microsoft is also involved in this and it’s all about a Windows 8-based Nook Tablet.

With Microsoft investing millions in Barnes & Noble and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 preparing for months and months of Android tablet market domination, B & N doesn’t have many alternatives. To be honest, we’ve seen various formats of Win 8 tablets, but none of them was an e-reading based device with a lighter allure and smaller price tag. It will be interesting to see if the tablet will have Win RT or Windows 8. I tend to believe it’s Win RT, to keep the device light, both in specs and price.

Rumors also say that we’re to expect a Q4 availability, as the new Nook Tablet will come in the holiday season. I can’t see how they can compete with the $199 price tag of the Kindle Fire HD (7 inch). Maybe by relying heavily on ads, like the Kindle Fire HD does?