It seems that the whole definition of a Chromebook is changing, just as ASUS is working a very potent and expensive model, that may not even see the light of day. The device has leaked today, under the codename Chromebook C302CA and we also have images of it below.


This unit has a special hinge, that lets the device flip back 360 degrees into tablet mode. Inside the device there’s an Intel Core m3-6730 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. Interestingly and strangely ASUS didn’t include a SSD here, so they probably opted for a HDD. Still, the final version may have one, for the sake of lower thickness.


The C302CA is said to have a 12.5 inch touchscreen with Full HD resolution and it could come with a bundled stylus. The device seems real, since it’s been listed by the FCC and some European outlets. The chassis is made of aluminum and we also get a microSD card slot, SIM card slot and USB type C port. There’s talk of WiFi ac, Bluetooth and webcam here, but the price that’s being thrown around is huge, $870.

Either this product is DOA, or it’s just an experiment. It’s certainly a potent Chromebook, but I can’t see a niche for it.