ASUS is preparing for Computex 2013 with some very interesting teasers. The tagline is “We Transform” and we’re promised metal casings, touchscreen laptops, convertibles, tablets and phones, perhaps. There’s also a very interesting stylus in the video.


The star of the ad seems a blacked out slate with stylus, that appears about 30 seconds in. There’s a countdown to the ASUS press conference on June 3rd and blank spaces for 4 more promo videos that will come. The following weeks will most likely bring more promos and maybe some leaked devices. Two areas where ASUS hasn’t attacked yet? Well, there’s the smartphone biz, the phablet area and a third if you want would be 8 inch Windows 8 tablets.

With Acer doing that and probably Samsung too, soon, ASUS may jump on the bandwagon early, since it promises to be profitable. The “We Transform” Tagline makes us rub our hands in anticipation, since we’re already thinking about a new Transformer tablet with Tegra 4 CPU maybe and perhaps a Retina Display…