A recent set of figures provided by Comscore and their thorough analysis shows that Amazon Kindle Fire has over 50% of the Android tablet market share. The Kindle Fire has been so big that it made Google want to create its own cheap 7 inch tablet and even Apple is rumored to explore this smaller and cheaper tablet format because of the same product.

The problem here is that while Amazon may be pushing the Android market share forward, it also fragments it into a pretty big chunk. Imagine how ridicule the entire Android tablet segment would look if analysts counted the Kindle Fire’s share separately and compared it to Android and iOS… Comscore says that the price is the one that draws people to the Kindle Fire, that actually doubled its market share in a matter of mere months. What’s fascinating is that these are figures from February provided here, so I imagine the slate evolved even further.

The closest rival in the Android universe is the Samsung Galaxy Tab, that’s still kicking, but it’s far from the Kindle Fire, sitting at only 15.4%. Motorola Xoom, the “Nexus” tablet places third and it will be extremely interesting to see what else Amazon prepared for us this year.