Now that Black Friday has passed, we move our thoughts and wallets towards the Christmas time, that might bring some of us the first quad core tablet. In order to get that nifty gift, one must first pre-order it from the likes of Best Buy, that already has the product in stock, together with its keyboard dock.

The Prime has been getting a lot of press lately and it has all the reason to, considering it’s the first quad core Tegra 3 tablet. The product was also spotted in the portofolio of Gamestop, bundled with a joystick and announced as shipping on November 28th. Right now, on Best Buy you can purchase the Kal-El device for $499, in the 32GB version, available in Grey and Champagne.

The keyboard dock’s price starts as $149, as everyone was expecting. Recently Nvidia posted a teaser video showing the Transformer Prime running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, so the update might be closer than we think. Also, as a bonus, the kernel source code for the Prime has just been leaked and it’s a matter of days till people get their hands on the tablet and port Android 4.0 on it. Will you choose GameStop or Best Buy?