Owners of the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 tablet have just received good news: they’ll be able to unlock the bootloader of the slate. ASUS made available a tool for that, after its fans asked nicely. The unlock method is similar to the one applied on the Transformer Prime.

Working with the developer community ASUS came up with this unlock tool, that allows you to make the bootloader free of restrictions through a simple download and instructions. From then on you can root the device, install third party ROMs or whatever you want to do with it. The unlock tool is only fit for Android 4.0 ICS slates, obviously and before you download and install the Unlock Device App the user must acknowledge that he/she assumes the complete risk to ruin the device they’re using.

The ASUS product can’t be brought back to the original locked conditions after this unlock, so one must proceed with caution. Obviously warranty will be gone and the software won’t be considered the original one anymore. The purchased digital content may also be affected, according to ASUS. So, are you ready to do it?