The last time ASUS had a Milano event, it debuted the PadFone 2 last Fall. Now it’s going to Milano again, during the Milano Design Week 2013. They already posted a teaser dubbed Authentic Beauty, that’s shown in the video below and promises you some nifty products.


This 1 minute and 22 second clip shows a slight trace of piano and reveals the words “Reveal, Enjoy, Feel, Touch and Share”. Anyway, the date to remember is April 8th and if we think about the Feel/Touch thing, it’s certainly a touchscreen device, while the Share will be about streaming, social networking and who knows what cool Android and Windows 8 tricks.

ASUS was always an early adopter of Nvidia Tegra CPUs, so don’t be surprised if they debut a Tegra 4 tablet with a Full HD or even a Retina display. It’s been a while since I saw a Transformer slate and if I were to guess again, a phablet would be nice to see from ASUS. Also, a bunch of Windows 8 hybrids are welcome, or maybe even Windows Blue units, since they mustn’t necessarily launch now, but rather this summer.