ASUS had a monster unveiling today, of quite a bunch of products, including some new convertible tablets and models like the convertible notebook below, known as ASUS Taichi. This model comes with two displays, runs Windows 8 and looks like a regular notebook when opened.

The device packs a 13.3 inch display, keyboard, trackpad and a 3rd generation Core i7 processor (Ivy Bridge). Once you close the lid of the notebook you’ll come across a secondary display, a 11.6 inch panel this time. Both screens support Full HD 1080p resolution and rely on Super IPS+ LCD panels for the best viewing angles out there and also great colors and brightness. There are cameras available at both front and back and both displays can be active at the same time. ASUS suggests that this layout is great for back to back working or sharing slideshows, so I’m guessing they target business customers here.

The smaller, outer panel is a touchscreen too, with stylus support, so you can use the notebook as a tablet without problems. SSD storage is also on board and an interesting theory came up while showcasing the product at Computex 2012, in Taipei: people could use both sides of the displays as independent units, but has yet to be worked out. The product is scheduled to launch in the latter half of 2012, packing 4GB of RAM and two USB 3.0 ports.