ASUS just posted a video teaser online, promising “the next transformations” at Computex, that’s only days away. The announcements of the new ASUS device(s) will take place on June 4th, with a further teasing campaign starting on May 31. I wonder what the newcomers are?

Could it be the long awaited Nexus tablet, which would be a huge surprise, or maybe the global release of the PadFone finally? Perhaps the 4G LTE PadFone is already prepared for launch, or maybe the Infinity Pad got reworked and has an extra accessory or fresher hardware (if possible). Since the world “Transformations” is included here it’s clear that it’s a Transformer they’re talking about, so clearly a new tablet, a Transformer model, so that means we get a top notch display, Super IPS probably, decent camera, Android 4.0 or maybe 5.0 and obviously a keyboard dock.

Tomorrow is the first Computex press event for the Taipei Computer Association and on the 31st Gigabyte will also make some announcements. Imagine if we saw the ASUS Nexus tablet in just days from now, priced at $200 and packing a quad core Tegra 3 CPU, plus a decent set of specs. Wouldn’t that be something? What do you think it is?