A couple of days ago ASUS had to pull an official video regarding the ASUS PadFone battery from the web, because it promised unrealistic functioning times. Now a lengthy official promo video was published and it may or may not be related to that one. What’s for sure is that this clip gives you the much needed information on the most innovative gadget I’ve seen in 2012.

This product also received a prize for being so original and advanced back at CES 2012. The PadFone is preparing for release in the following weeks and I mean a wide release, since it’s already available in Taiwan. The promo video below highlights the major specs and features of the convertible smartphone/tablet/laptop combo. Among them there’s the very original function of the capacitive stylus, that also acts as a Bluetooth headset and allows you pick up calls easily. Other stuff advertised here is the sleeve case, doubling up as a stand and some bonus accessories,  like cleaning cloth, stylus holder and a SIM card pocket.

The same clip promises 102 hours combined for the 3 devices together (phone + tablet and keyboard dock), but of course that’s talk time (on 2GB most likely). You may also want to know that the 3G browsing time clocks in at 14.1 hours, a very nice performance for any gadget on the market. This hybrid was priced at about 699 euros last I heard, but it may drop as time passes. Keep in mind that powering the entire unit there’s a good Snapdragon S4 dual core processor, the most popular choice in chipsets in early 2012. Excited about this product?