ASUS PadFone is definitely an unique device on the market: a hybrid between a phone and tablet and even a laptop when you add the docking keyboard in the mix. We’ve shown you the review of the PadFone + PadFone Station here and now it appears that the product is available in USA, priced at $860.

The price tag applies to the bundle PadFone + PadStation and Negri Electronics is the retailer that offers it. For that amount you get a 4.3 inch Snapdragon S4-based handset, serving as the brain for a 10.1 inch tablet with a pretty bulky allure. ASUS PadFone features a Super AMOLED qHD screen, the Adreno 225 GPU and an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and F/2.2 aperture. If I remember well, the Padfone has been available in Taiwan ever since April/May, so the international rollout of the product is a bit slow.

The reason? The Snapdragon S4 chip is in high demand and Qualcomm has a hard time fulfilling those demands. Would you spend that amount of money for this combo? Keep in mind that a similar price gives you an iPad 2 and possibly an iPhone 4, free of contract!