A recent study from ABI Research showed that Sony and Nintendo are losing money because of the rise of smartphone and tablet use for gaming purposes. And with the PS Vita delayed titles and few appealing games, I can see a bleak future for Sony in this area.

Nintendo and Sony are expected to ship over 38 million handheld gaming devices in 2013, a much lower than number than the peak of 47 million in 2008, for example. Shipments after 2013 will keep dropping and the same research firm says that handheld gaming devices will be kept alive as a niche merely, while gaming on phones/tablets will evolve. After all, Sony’s best console, the PS Vita has a CPU that’s inferior to the one of the HTC One X or Galaxy S III, although some may argue it’s not true.

And I don’t even have to say that the iPad 3 is capable of giving you a better gaming experience than the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS combined… Also, most modern tablets and smartphone have DLNA or HDMI, so they can bring gaming to the big screen anytime. Meanwhile, smaller consoles seem to lack this ability and I’m fascinated by the PS Vita’s inability to connect to a TV directly…

  • DeianStancu

    A tablet or a bigger phone has more value offering, than a simple portable console. Thus, you can do more with a phone or tablet, because games are wider spread and more in numbers (on Apple devices at least, Android will catch soon with more titles) and you can use phone/tablet to do computing, not just gaming.

    A phone is not much more expensive than a portable console.
    A portable console is a fad device, only for fans of genre.
    There are powerful phones on the market, with bigger resolution screens and capable GPU’s. And they cost only a bit more, justified for what they can do and a console can’t.

  • Where’s my dang nexus 7?

    Handheld gaming consoles wont die until tablets/phones can figure out how to emulate a decent physical dpad and buttons.