We knew a while back that ASUS was prepping an updated PadFone Infinity device, with Snapdragon 800 CPU, but we had no exact name for it. We’ve heard about the PadFone Infinity A86 moniker or the PadFone T004, but now there’s a fresh theory.


On the ASUS tech support page a few sharp eyed users spotted a new option in the Product Model section. It says “The new PadFone Infinity”, as shown in the screenshot above. This would mean ASUS is going the same route as Apple and some car makers, that simply call their products “the new iPad” or “the new Renault Clio”.

The idea is that the new ASUS PadFone Infinity is 90% similar to the previous Infinity, but it has a different CPU and probably some other minor tweaks. We expect an IFA 2013 debut of the product, together with a bunch of other ASUS devices, especially MeMo Pad series units. With a bit of luck the new PadFone bundle may bring us a keyboard dock, too… fingers crossed!