We’re already in Barcelona folks, ready for the big MWC 2013 events, that will start tomorrow with Huawei’s conference and continue with an ASUS and Nokia event early next week. Samsung will also have a conference in mid week.


Anyway, today’s news is the recent teaser posted by ASUS on the web, showing the statue of Columbus being brought to life and starting to chat on a tablet-like thingie. It could be the mythical PadFone 3, or maybe the Fonepad tablet, with Intel CPU and Jelly Bean. This is a 7 inch slate, that also has phone features and can make phone calls.

We could also be dealing with a brand new device, maybe a hybrid between a Windows Phone handset and a Windows 8 tablet. Anyway, you should probably know that ASUS is rumored to also unveil handsets in Barcelona, so this may also be hinted at by the trailer. It will all become clear on Monday, February 25th, when MWC 2013 officially starts and ASUS will unveil its new products.