The people who actually bought an ASUS Eee Pad Slider unit will be happy to know that they’re now receiving Android 4.0 as an update, at least in the USA. The Taiwanese maker of the device is pushing the update right now to the hybrid device, according to their Twitter account.

Version of their software is available on the tablet with sliding keyboard. What I remember about the Slider is that it was a very original device and that it had a couple of bugs, especially when it came to the YouTube app. A very nice thing was the custom interface of the web browser and its unique virtual QWERTY keyboard. The physical one was also not bad. I expect Android 4.0 to give it a performance boost, some new widgets and apps and a new UI and new functionality.

It’s update day today it seems, since the Galaxy Note also got its share of Ice Cream Sandwich today as well. I wonder what’s next? Maybe the Xyboard tablets or the Galaxy Tab units?