Everyone is talking about the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, the new TI OMAP flavors and Intel’s future plans for the mobile world… Well, ARM couldn’t stay aside, so they created the Mali-T658 GPU, that promises 10 times the performance of current graphics solutions.

What we have here is an 8 core architecture, that should provide us a great gaming experience on the go. The video below shows a clear focus on augmented reality and real time gaming, even some hints about virtual reality, but I doubt we’re there yet. ARM says that CPU capability is increased by 4x thanks to its solutions, while graphics capacity is tenfold improved.

The chip also provides support for the latest ARM technology in power management, so the crazy speed won’t deplete your tablet or phone’s battery too fast. There’s no way of benchmarking these praises till we get to see at least a prototype of tablet or phone with the ARM Mali solution on board. It appears that Samsung and LG are interested in implementing ARM GPU/CPU combos on their future devices, so maybe the new Optimus and Galaxy S phone will rely on that.