Mozilla is working hard on all fronts, so it has both an OS coming next year and new versions of its famous browser. Firefox 8 is already out and considered a pretty complete version of the famous browser, but now we also have Firefox 9 in beta phase, bringing a fresh UI to Android tablets and Lion machines.

Firefox 9 can be found in the beta channel here for desktop and Android. In the first version it’ll support two finger scrolling and multiple displays, that’s very cool. Improved speed is another advantage of the new browser as well as inference supporting JavaScript engine, plus the option of breaking XML web requests into pieces, in order for complex pages to load faster.

Tablets are also taken into account by this version, since it gets a new look, optimized for larger screens and places tabs on the side with thumbnails. This reminds me a bit of Honeycomb’s multitasking pane, but there’s still enough room on the right for a full web page, so worry not. An action bar includes all the features you could have ever needed into a more compact space.