Some companies don’t have enough patience to wait for IFA 2013 to start, so they decided to launch their products ahead of the show in Berlin. Among them there’s Archos, the French tablet maker that just announced a phone and a few slates.


At the top of the tablet bunch we find the Platinum lineup, that includes slates covered in aluminum, based on quad core processors and Android 4.2. They also come with 2048 x 1536 pixel resolutions and next up we’ve got the 101xs2, that’s not part of the Platinum line, but it comes with a quad core CPU inside, plus front facing stereo speakers and a magnetic keyboard.

There’s also the Xenon series, with 3 devices that are positioned as “tablets that are cheaper than Apple and Samsung WiFi tablets”. Gamers will get the GamePad 2 slate, while Kids will get a ChildPad. Archos also unveiled the 50 Oxygen, a handset with Android 4.2 and a 13 MP camera, plus they teased a smart watch concept, that will be shown at IFA.