Apple has announced its availability to offer the Personal Pickup option for the iPad Air starting with November 1st, the launch date in store of the device. The Apple Online Store will start offering the product on November 1st at midnight Pacific Time (3 AM EST).


This will allow customers to order the iPad Air and have it shipped to their address. But there’s also Personal Pickup, an option that keeps the new tablets reserved for pickup at the local Apple Retail Stores, for customers to come get them. Rumors have been saying that the iPad Mini Retina may be available for preorder on November 1st, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Information seems to confirm that supply is really tight for the new iPad Mini, so don’t expect to get one in the following 2 weeks or so. Apple did say that the new Mini will be available later in November, so they’re covered by that statement. So, are you getting an iPad Air or is it too light and thin for you?