Apple will apparently get rid of Google Maps in the next iOS iteration and use an in-house solution instead, according to a source quoted by 9to5mac. The new app is said to be much faster, cleaner and more efficient and it also has a kickass 3D mode, apparently.

The 3D technology is provided by C3 Technologies, a 3D mapping company that Apple bought last year. When that happened many speculated that Apple would be preparing its very own maps app and you can see in the video below what the folks of C3 can come up with. There’s also a comparison above of what Google Maps offers right now and what the “iMaps” or Apple Maps could offer us. From what I know Nokia is also working on something that looks and feels exactly the same, so the war will be tough on this front.

I also have to mention that Apple previously bought not only C3, but also Poly9 and Placebase, also experts in mapping solutions. Is Apple’s mapping app ready to showcase at WWDC 2012? We’ll see next month, when a glimpse into iOS 6.0 is expected and if we’re lucky maybe a new iPhone, or at least the iPad Mini…

  • Akjsad

    Needs turn by turn gps to win over the droves of Androidians.