Apple_Media_Pad_conceptYet another analyst is claiming that he has a scoop on the Apple Tablet, this time regarding the date when it’ll reach mass production. The supposed date is February and the source is Yair Reiner, from Oppenheimer, citing Apple’s supply chain. The product will be a 10.1 inch multitouch LCD-based tablet, that will strengthen the cooperation between Apple and book publishers.

Reiner also claims that this product will wipe out Amazon’s Kindle, although it’s far more than an E-book reader. According to the same source, publishers will be offered a 30/70 split on ebook profits, with the non-Cupertino side getting the bigger cut.

As far as we know, Amazon follow a 50/50 revenue split, so we expect their partners to migrate once the tablet goes live.

[via slashgear]