Apple has just announced officially its sales figures for the shiny new iPad tablet and we have to say we’re pretty impressed with their numbers. Less than 60 days from the device’s debut, it sold 2 million units, topping any expectation and prediction. We remind you that the tablet was launched in the US on April 3rd.

Last we heard about it, the device sold over 1 million units, a piece of news that got public on May 3rd. Cupertino claims that there are still issues with meeting consumer demand, so Apple is barely handling the huge popularity of the product. This stock issue was the cause for the delay of the tablet’s international launch, that took place on May 28th.

What the fresh Apple announcement lacks is a number of iPad apps downloaded and iBooks titles purchased, updating the figures from last month. The iPad will be available in 9 more countries in July and many more during the year, so expect the number of sold units to increase greatly.

[via slashgear]