The folks of anandtech recently decided to take the Samsung Galaxy S II for a spin and did an extensive review of the device, including tons of benchmarks. These showed, among others that the handset comes with a very powerful GPU. Also, it showed that the iPad 2 is two times more powerful than the Galaxy S II, as far as graphics performance is concerned.

The iPad 2 uses a PowerVR SGX 543MP2 GPU that we’ll most likely find on the iPhone 5 as well, so in upcoming benchmarks expect the Galaxy S II supremacy to be removed. The only aspect where the Galaxy S II fails it he triangle throughput, where the iPad 2 once again rules, getting 64.9 millions of triangles per second.

One might notice that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also on the list and it’s not doing that well, especially in comparison with the iPad 2, that’s got a beef with the Samsung product, that’s considered its clone. Imagine an Apple A6 CPU and what it would do to the other tablets… Intel, Qualcomm or Nvidia must come out with something really great to kick Apple’s behind…

  • Anonymous

    The only good part of the “Apple” processor as you call it is the SGX part which fell behind last year on the iphone 4. It’s good to see Apple used a 2 year proof solution in the ipad 2. Altough one may argue that when you run other benchmarks the difference between mali400 & SGX is not that great, the SGX is well ahead because of it’s multi core architecture. And once again a game as to be multi core gpu compatible to take advantage of that power. Current iPad or iPhone games are still light years from what a mali400 let alone a SGX could achieve in terms of actual rendering.
    What’s funny is that those benchmarks are highly innacurate at gauging actual potential because depending on the set of instructions used by the bench you can get up to 10 time what’s benched in real world usage.
    Look how the old SGX540 gets a higher triangle output than the mali 400 despite it being a TWO YEARS OLD solution that is also found in the galaxy S1 (yet games run smoother on the galaxy S2 rather than the galaxy S1).
    If those benches mean something, it is that one single type of bench can’t be trusted.