We’ve received a surprisingly small amount of leaks regarding iOS 16 and its associated iPadOS release, iPadOS 16, but today finally brings us some news. It’s no wonder, since WWDC 2022 is happening next Monday, on June 6th.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, one of the big changes in iPadOS this year involves a redesigned multitasking interface, which shows open background apps. iPads are also expected to get new options for resizing app windows and extra ways to handle multiple apps at the same time. The current version of iPadOS 15 is able to do split-view multitasking, where you have two apps side by side and also you can get another app i Slide Over view.

You can hover that piece of UI on the side. The new iPadOS 16 multitasking is clearly meant to promote the iPad as a laptop replacement. Users will be able to change window sizes, like they do in Windows on a regular PC. There will also be new ways to keep multiple apps open at the same time. We expect to also see the 3D widgets, stacked ones from iOS 16 making an appearance here. iOS 16 may also bring widgets on the lockscreen, new audio and social features for Messenger and maybe even Always On Display.

Right now, the iPad stands for 9% of Apple’s annual sales, so it’s a key product. It grew quite a bit during the pandemic period.