A recent survey done by RBC/ChangeWave claims that the initial iPad demand is greater than the demand that accompanied the launch of the very first iPhone. After all, we’re dealing with a product that was long time speculated upon and hyped. RBC/Changewave found that 13% of its 3,200 respondents are likely to purchase the device, compared to the 9% who were ready to go get the iPhone when it first went live.

A reason for this demand could be the iPad’s relatively low price point, specially in its cheapest version. While many were expecting the Apple tablet to cost around $999, it’ll go for $499 and back to the study, we learn that a mere 8% of questioned people aren’t willing to pay the prices for the iPad.

28% of folks weren’t ready to spend cash on the iPhone, with its initial price, so things are looking better in the case of the tablet. Among the people interested in the iPad, 19% want the $499 16GB WiFi-only version, while other 19% plan on getting the $829 64GB 3G iPad. What do people plan on doing with this device? 68% claim that they want to surf the web, 44% want to check their email on the go and 37% want to read e-books.

Analysts estimated that Apple will sell around 5 million iPad units this year, but let’s wait and see if they’ll work miracles again, with all that competition.

[via digitaldaily]