Yesterday people on Twitter let everyone know that they were getting the shipping notice for the Apple iPad units they ordered, so the device is coming, as promised, on April 3rd. That’s the date when it’ll hit the stores, but aren’t you curious to know how many units have been pre-ordered already? The answer is: around 500,000…

Fortune’s report states that the iPad’s online orders are reaching a quarter of a million units, with 120,000 purchased in the first day. The rest to 500,000 were pre-orders placed in physical stores and we have to mention that this doesn’t even include batch orders, from educational outlets and other such distribution channels.

Meanwhile, we learn that the iPad apps have started surfacing in the iTunes Store Search results, mainly games and a couple of other software, marked with the “HD” tag. Now let’s see them in action, once the devices hit the stores and get unboxed by their lucky owners.

[via SlashGear]