An ARM official recently predicted a pretty scary situation for folks looking to buy a tablet: the iPad release will trigger an avalanche of no less than 50 new tablets unveiled in 2010. With so many to choose from, which one will rule the market, that’ll tend to get divided into sub-segments? The first tablets are supposed to be launched in Q2, via mobile carriers, according to Roy Chen, ARM’s worldwide mobile computing ODM manager.

The Q2 models will be followed by many more in Q3 and they’ll quickly expand all across the globe, with a rapid growth in China. Credit goes to the Apple iPad, for stimulating competition and defining a new range of products, claims ABI Research analyst Jeff Orr. Media tablets are mostly focused on entertainment, since such a device can’t replace a laptop or smartphone, so it’s a luxury product for wealthy markets, according to the same analyst.

Orr also mentioned that players from the tablet segment can be divided into two categories: traditional computer vendors (Lenovo, Asus, HP) and new vendors, like ICD and Notion Ink. Apple is somewhere between the two, but closer to the large players.

We guess that prices, launch dates and unique form factors will spell success for some brands.

[via tgdaily]