The Computer History Museum and the Digibarn Computer Museum announced the publishing of the original DOS source code for the Apple 1978 computer. That’s the Apple II, a genuine piece of history for everyone passionate about computers.


The Apple II made history as the first fully assembled computer with a monitor that Apple sold after they entered the market as a garage company with the Apple I. The product retailed for $1298 for the basic model with 4K of memory. Apple hired Paul Laughton of Shepardson Microsystems to write the Disk Operating System for the Apple II in a mere 7 weeks.

That source code has been released today and it stands for the official documents that Laughton has kept over the last 30 years or so. Before Laughton, Steve Wozniak created an innovative hardware design for a floppy disk controller, but needed software for it and then Bob Shepardson and Steve Jobs signed a $13,000 one page contract for a file manager, BASIC interface and utilities.

The museum is also releasing the source code for famous software like the Apple Macpaint, Quickdraw and Adobe Photoshop.