Today, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple named “Flexible Displays.” A report coming from Korea sugest that Apple it’s working on a bezel-free version of the iPhone, and this Flexible Display technology will be applied to a future iPhone, iPad or a wearable smartwatch.


 In the patent background, we see that manufacturers include border housings as a cover for circuits and for other non-active display areas. This method it’s used by several manufacturers in attempt to reduce the size of border housings. Another alternative for reduction techniques it’s flexible display technologies that can permanent bend the outlying display areas to reduce planar surface areas.

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The goal of this invention is to provide improved display for electronic devices such a smartphone or a tablet, and maybe for some wrist-watch devices that use an OLED flexible display. This invention allows the bending of a portion of certain areas and may deacrease a surface area of inactive components.