Apple is getting busy on the stylus market somehow, in spite of Steve Jobs having previously said that nobody wants a stylus, as you probably know. well, Apple filed this year’s 10th stylus patent last week and now they’ve reached no less than 32 of them in total.


Back in 2007 Steve Jobs said the famous quote “nobody wants a stylus” and in 2010 he said “If you see a stylus, they blew it”. In relation to HTC and the Flyer tablet the statement was kind of right and LG also hasn’t been able to find a solution that would please the public. Meanwhile, Nvidia’s attempt is met with limited feedback somehow and Samsung remains king of styli thanks to a good cooperation with Wacom.

The recent patents make Jobs’ quotes seem ironic, but you know Apple: they’d rather have patents for something they won’t make, rather than regret it. Also, they’ve previously said they disliked phablets and small tablets and then tackled both segments, so a stylus could happen. It would be interesting to see if Apple takes it upon itself to make the stylus cool, or if it works with other companies like Wacom, that are basically monopolizing the segment for a while now.

What do you think?