You probably know that we’re about a month away from an official presentation of the Windows 10 Consumer Preview. That’s coming on January 21st 2015 and till then we get a pretty interesting video below, showcasing the features of the platform.


The new build includes Cortana in the mix, an update UI and new and improved apps. Cortana is one of the most appealing features of the new Windows version, after making such a good impression on Windows Phone 8.1 and also predicting a ton of games right at the World Cup. The UI looks more polished in this build than before and the taskbar is starting to shape up into a viable piece of the UI. By the way, interesting placement of the search bar…


Many apps have received an UI revamp and the general feeling of facelift is present. Obviously, this is all preview material and everything feels clean and well organized. I see the Charms bar is still here, in spite of the rumors saying it will be gone. I have a feeling I might even start to like this OS, after disliking the last two itterations. One thing I personally hope to see, is that it will allow laptops to jump to Full HD resolution and I mean midrange laptops here too, not only high end ones.