This is a big week for both Samsung and Apple, since vital decisions will be taken in their infringement lawsuit that has been going on for a while. Today Apple designer Cristopher Stringer took the stand during the trial and detailed the ideas behind the Apple designs.

Through Stringer’s testimony we found out that Apple has a group of 15/16 people that design all of their products. They do all of that while sitting around a kitchen table and next there’s a design put through a CAD program and if looks nice enough a physical moulding comes next. The designer also says that there could even 50 designs for something as standard as a button, so the process of coming up with a new product like the iPhone or iPad is a very slow. In case you’re wondering where the famous Jonathan Ive plays in, he’s the immediate boss of Stringer, so that’s how the organization works at Apple.

The Apple designer quoted on stand today said that he was  involved in every product developed by Apple since he arrived at Cupertino in 1995. Once again this court trial brought up some prototypes and designs that you can see below. And the trial goes on… and on and on. As you can see the iPad prototypes were thicker and had bigger bezels, so the actual version that made it is much prettier.