There’s more to Android Jelly Bean than meets the eye and that includes a bunch of very interesting features, like the Blink to Unlock, that’s demoed in the video below. That’s done together with a Google Now demo and the notifications available in Android 4.1 on this device.

Google has been uploading Nexus 7 tutorials on their YouTube channel for days now and this is just one of the latest updates. The face unlock with blink security is destined to replace the already famous unlock that could be tricked with a photo of the user in the older version, but now it can’t. Google Now and Google Play widgets, plus enhanced notifications are all here. The really good thing about this video is that it gives you insight to what you’re getting if you buy a Nexus 7 or get the update to the latest Android.

It’s nice to get a Nexus 7 these days, with all those cool features, powerful quad core CPU and 7 inch display, plus that appealing $200 price tag for the 8GB version. It’s tough to come by an unit these days, but it’s well worth the wait.