Apple isn’t happy with the modifications that Samsung brought to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, turning it into the 10.1N. Thus, they’ve proceeded to once again sue the company and get the tablet banned in Germany. The Galaxy Tab 10.1N tweaked unit has just been released in Germany, as a workaround to the current ban of the predecessor tablet.

Let me remind you that the changed up Galaxy Tab 10.1N comes with a revised frame, that wraps around to the front of the display and it’s quite different from the edge to edge screen of the original unit. The first hearing in the new case of Apple against Samsung will take place on December 22nd and we’ll get a preliminary decision soon enough.

It will be strange to see yet another workaround to a workaround… Also, Germany is starting to sound like an Apple heaven, since Samsung is banned from this country with a couple of products, HTC will also have its products banned (because of IPCom not Apple) and who knows what’s next.