While there’s still no clear news or even a speculation on the iPad Mini 2 (Retina), we do get information about the evolution of the current iPad Mini in Asia. The tablet, in its cellular version will hit China in late January, it appears. Or at least so says Tim Cook.


The WiFi model has already arrived in China early last month, merely one month after its debut in the States. Tim Cook, the famous Apple CEO was on a visit to China and reported on the release of the product in an interview with local reporters today. This means that if you’re in China you’ll be able to buy the cellular iPad Mini this month or in February, if you’re preparing a gift for the Chinese New Year. The iPhone 5 went on sale in China reasonably late, on December 14th, a bit over two weeks after getting its regulatory approval.

Tim Cook admitted that it does take quite a while for devices to reach China, because the approval process of the products takes a long while. Apple has mentioned that they’re taking steps to decrease the wait times. Cook predicted that China will become Apple’s largest market in the future, with Cupertino already having 25 retail stores there.