As you probably know, Android 5.0 Lollipop has started rolling out to Nexus devices, but the rollout is quite slow. If you’re in a hurry you can play with the Android 5.0 Lollipop factory images, that Google has also released on the web. Below, we’ve got a bit of a tutorial for you in order to get those factory images to work, thanks to Phone Arena’s hints.


1. First you need to download the Android SDK, offered as the Eclipse ADT Bundle from Google
2. Then you need to download the Android 5.0 factory image from here, for your Nexus 7 or Nexus 10
3. Next up you run the SDK manager, check Google’s USB drivers and uncheck everything under Android 5.0. Also, the Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Platform Tools checks can be left on
4. Obviously you need to backup everything, in case it goes wrong, then enter Fastboot mode by turning the device off and holding the volume down plus power buttons.
5. Afterwards, you unzip the factory image and move it to the “Platform Tools” directory of the SDK that you installed. This will make the “flash all” files go to the same folder, the one with the fastboot file
6. Connect the tablet to the PC, while it’s in the Fastboot screen and check out the Lock State line. If it says locked you need to unlocked bootloader and then you choose “fastboot oem unlock” and pick “yes” on the next screen, by navigating with the volume key and selecting with the power button.
7. If you get a boot to the welcome screen, then you need to restart in Fastboot mode again. Then you use the command line, navigate to the Android SDK/platform tools folder and type the following: “Flash-all.bat” for the update to Android 5.0 to start. After a long period of installation you should get the latest Android.