Over the past weeks, before the Nexus 7 II was announced there have been various reports that the Nexus 7 was acting up, especially its memory. It appears that Android 4.3 will fix this and all future problems regarding the flash storage controller.


Anandtech investigated the benefits of Android 4.3 and discovered support for TRIM. This is a system that’s integrated in the Google mobile OS and it instructs the flash storage controller when to collect/recycle unused data pages/blocks. What this does is make Android 4.3 no longer become sluggish over time.

This means that existing Nexus tablets and handsets will get a performance enhancement through Android 4.3. Jelly Bean calls up the TRIM maintenance once in every 24 hour window, after one hour of inactivity. This is only triggered is the battery is at 80% or 30% when charging. More details about this can be found in the source link below.