Amazon is not only preparing a Kindle Tablet for us all, but also a Netflix-like service based on subscriptions and designed for ebook delivery. This service will charge an annual fee for accessing content and it will be part of the Amazon Prime Scheme.

This idea is based on the unlimited two day shipping and streaming access to the company’s digital TV and movie offer. The info is very solid, since it comes from WSJ, but the problem here is that the publishers Amazon is working with haven’t been very eager to get on board with the idea. Prime subscribers will pay $79 per year membership and even get access to older titles, if they want to.

Rumors say that Amazon could limit the number of titles that readers can access each month, but that’s unconfirmed. The publishing executives fear that this Amazon service could devalue the reader’s attitude to ebooks. Also, we’re to expect a tie-in of the service with the Kindle Tablet, so maybe a special offer will push the Prime to its users in a more friendly package.