The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader recently got jailbroken and now it gets torn down to its basic components, as shown in the video below. It also gets reassembled in the second video. The device goes for $119 and uses an illuminated capacitive display. This e-reader arrived with an impressive 4 years of R & D at Amazon, working on its front light technology.

The slate has no speaker grilles and the headphone jack has also disappeared, so this is an all out reading experience, no media on it. On the bottom part you’ll find a microUSB port and the Power button. The display on board of the Paperwhite is quite crisp and easy to ready and the extra front lighting is welcome, as well as 62% more pixels according to Amazon. Contrast has also been increased by 25%. Back to the teardown, this seems like a gadget that’s easy to teardown and also to put back together.

If you think that the battery is small, well know that Amazon has put so much thought into consumption, that they even paid attention to the LEDs they used, so they won’t consume too much battery. How’s that for a careful build? The battery provides 8 weeks of reading time with the light on and WiFi off. You’ll see more gadget pron in the video below: