Well, better later than never, right? Sometimes, in Samsung’s case, people would even prefer never to actually getting a software update so shamefully late. I’m talking about the good old Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 getting Android 4.0 ICS waaay too late, at least in the Verizon version.

Verizon delayed the update for no less than 3 months, but the wait has finally come to an end. There’s no mention on the Verizon support website of an exact date for the upgrade, obviously, but what’s certain is that it’s coming. You need to know that the update takes up 283.1 MB of space and will take about 15 to 20 minutes to be downloaded and installed. You should be automatically notified of the OTA rolling out to the device, leaving with only the task to ensure you have a valid network connection and press download now.

You can always try a manual upgrade by going to Application – Settings – About Device – System updates. And if this doesn’t work, you need to allow it more time. The software brings a ton of upgrades, but you probably already know that, since there’s an obvious jump from Honeycomb to Ice Cream Sandwich and it doesn’t only involve face unlocking, pinch to zoom or the tweaked user interface.