Amazon’s latest Kindle Paperwhite, the 2018 edition got a great discount today, one that takes its price down to $99, from $129.99. It’s a slim and waterproof machine, with audiobook support and the deal is available for a limited time.

The product launched in October has a great battery life and the special deal for it is available for only 24 hours. For $89.99 you get a 300 ppi e-paper touch display, that gets ride of glare and offers reading on the go that doesn’t harm your eyes. Waterproofing is also useful, plus there’s Bluetooth audio support for listening to audio books on headphones.

The battery life is basically weeks long and the product also arrives in a version dubbed Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle, that’s also discounted only today. The bundle is priced at $129.97 and includes the Kindle Paperwhite 8 GB, an Amazon Leather Cover and a power adapter. 5 colors are available, black, indigo, merlot, leather rustic and punch red.

The Kindle Paperwhite 2018 detailed above comes with the Amazon Special Offers ads shown on the lockscreen. If you pay extra you get rid of the ads. The highest end version of the Paperwhite has 32 GB of storage, 4G LTE and WiFi and now it’s priced at $209.99. I should also mention that the built in adjustable light, that lets you read outdoors and indoors.

You can order the device here.