We’ve just found out that the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet now provides access to the root and installing third party apps. That means you can even tweak the slate’s experience with a shell, a brand new UI and probably customized ROMs will be applied soon enough.

This means that the $200 Kindle Fire tablet just got even more appealing and it will be a hard choice between this, the cheaper HTC Flyer, the BlackBerry PlayBook that will be a bit over $150 for Black Friday and the HP TouchPad. You can gain access to the root account on the Amazon Kindle Fire using the SuperOneClick method and on the XDA Developers forum you’ll find more info.

Since the Nook Tablet also allows app sideloading, there’s no stopping for these devices, that now can run basically anything software-wise. Wonder what’s Amazon and B&N’s opinion about these tweaks and roots?