When it gets hot outside, big companies come out to play. And it’s been a while since Amazon launched some hardware, so apparently they’re prepping some slates. Expect to see new Amazon tablets any day now, as two such supposed devices have reached the FCC.

Two new tablets showed up at their website yesterday and while they lack the term “Amazon”, both match the patterns used by Jeff Bezos’ firm to hide the products behind shell companies. Not many details are available, but we do know that one of the tablets is listed as SX034QT and it comes from a company called Blancopage LLC and the other is the SR043KL, from Triesan LLC.

Both models come with Bluetooth and dual band WiFi support, as well as audio jacks and USB ports, plus microSD card slots. No trace of screen size, CPU, RAM, or even the software. I guess that it’s Android covered with a new flavour of Amazon’s platform and stores, mixed with the latest version of Silk browser. We’ll probably learn more once Amazon announces a new event.

Expect prices below $200 or so.