@evleaks has learned that Verizon will start selling a bunch of new tablets soon, including the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. Well “new tablets” isn’t exactly a good definition, but it will have to do…


They are also ready to unleash the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 and Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, probably to attack the mass market. Both Kindle Fire HDX units are expected to support Verizon’s LTE network and so far pricing details haven’t been unveiled. Amazon is selling the Kindle Fire HDX 7 LTE for $300 right now and the larger unit for $494 in the LTE flavour.

Verizon is known for overpricing its slates on contract, just like they did in the case of the Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Note 10.1, for example, so don’t expect these newcomers to be cheap. I’m not even going to bother and ask what the point is in launching products so late… Who wants an overpriced tablet from 2013?