Amazon’s Kindle Fire is preparing to take over the affordable tablet marked, but considering it uses the Amazon Appstore to provide apps, it will take a while before the public gets used to this instead of Android Market. Thus, to ease the passage, Amazon decided to provide a large amount of apps from the start.

The e-tailer is struggling to get more apps ready for the device launch and recently it secured the presence of Netflix, Facebook and Rhapsody on the slate. We remind you that the Kindle Fire debuts next week, with several thousand apps and games available at launch, all of them previously tested for Fire compatibility.

It remains to be seen if all the content, especially HD one will look good on the 7 inch display that this device sports… Hopefully we won’t see too many scaled up phone apps, since we know those kind of suck. Next Tuesday is when you’ll be getting your hands on the crisp new Kindle tablet and find out if it really kills the iPad… or just boredom.