After a series of leaks and rumors Amazon finally introduced the Kindle Oasis e-reader, a 6 inch device priced from $289 and offering a high resolution. The product measures 3.4 mm at its thinnest point, being the most compact Kindle ever.

kindle oasis 1

The 6 inch Paperwhite screen relies on E Ink Carta technology and brings a 300 ppi density and 16 level gray scale. The WiFi version of the device weighs 131 grams, while the 3G one goes to 133 grams. Offering 4 GB of storage, this model also comes with free cloud storage from Amazon and a special cover that brings extra battery life.

kindle oasis 2

Back to the screen, compared to the Voyage, The Oasis has 60% more LEDs, providing a wider range of brightness for a variety of reading environments. The e-reader and its leather sleeve were meant to work together and the product is bundled with the Oasis. You can get it in brown, black and red and it locks in using a magnetic system.

Thanks to this accessory the battery life of the e-reader expands by months, of course meaning standby time. When this device is plugged in, both it and its cover will be charging at the same time. An interesting feat is that when unplugged, the battery cover is drained first and then the internal battery. A full charge is done in less than 3 hours from a PC via USB cable.

This model was also designed with one handed reading in mind, so it lets you grip its body easily with one hand and get lost in the e-reading experience. We also get page turning buttons on the front of the handgrip. If we’ve peaked your interest, you can get one here.