With all the talk about Bitcoin out there, Amazon went ahead and introduced its own currency, so to say. Amazon Coins is the new virtual currency and if you own a Kindle Fire slate you’ll 500 of these, equated to $5. One Coin is worth $0.01, so nobody will get rich off that.


This money can be spent on new apps and games within the Amazon store and it also includes in app purchases. If you wish to buy even more Amazon Coins, there will a discount of 10% when buying in bulk. Developers will get their typical share of 70% out of the Amazon Coins spent on their software.

Amazon Coins are now available only to US users, but we expect them to go international soon enough, since the Amazon App Store can be accessed from over 200 countries after all. Maybe someday Google will figure out the potential of virtual currency on the Play Store and Android and implement that in there as well. So far, we only got gift cards…