Amazon just used the oldest trick in the book, when it comes to marketing a tech product: attack Apple! Nokia did it, Samsung did and even HTC did it. Now, Amazon is putting up an image ad, that promotes the Kindle Fire HDX as “lighter than Air”.


The hint is clearly at the new iPad Air, as the image itself shows, comparing the two product images. As you know, Apple is obsessed by how thin this device is, even creating a pretty good ad that’s focused on the fact that a regular pen is thicker than the 7.5 mm new iPad. At least Amazon is being gentle here, not aggressive like some other tech industry rivals.

Also, their facts are right, since the Apple iPad Air weighs 1 pound and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX weighs 0.82 pounds. However, we’re comparing different product segments here, since the iPad Air is a 9.7 inch slate, while the Kindle Fire HDX is a 8.9 inch device with a different form factor. And also, the CPU inside the iPad Air totally smashes any Amazon device and probably the next two years of Amazon devices…